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Surgical Applications

Schedule feasibility and workflow for additive manufacturing of titanium plates for cranioplasty in canine skull tumors (2020)

J. James, M. L. Oblak, A. R. zur Linden, F. M. K. James, J. Phillips & M. Parkes

Single-Stage Craniectomy and Cranioplasty for Multilobular Osteochondrosarcoma Managed with a Custom Additive Manufactured Titanium Plate in a Dog (2019)

Galina M. Hayes, Elena A. Demeter, Eunju Choi, and Michelle Oblak

The accuracy of computed tomography scans for rapid prototyping of canine skulls (2019)

Michaela L. Comrie, Gabrielle Monteith, Alex Zur Linden, Michelle Oblak, John Phillips, Fiona M. K. James

Manual polishing of 3D printed metals produced by laser powder bed fusion reduces biofilm formation (2019)

Marissa McGaffey, Alex Zur Linden, Nathanael Bachynski,Michelle Oblak, Fiona M. K. James, J. Scott Weese 

Various 3D printed materials mimic bone ultrasonographically: 3D printed models of the equine cervical articular process joints as a simulator for ultrasound guided intra-articular injections (2019)

Alexandra Beaulieu, Alex zur Linden, John Phillips, Luis G. Arroyo, Judith Koenig, Gabrielle Monteith

Clinical Application of 3D Printing Technology to the Surgical Treatment of Atlantoaxial Subluxation in Small Breed Dogs (2019)

Hiroaki Kamishina, Taku Sugawara, Kohei Nakata, Hidetaka Nishida, Naoko Yada, Toru Fujioka, Yoshihiko Nagata, Akio Doi, Naoyuki Konno, Fujio Uchida, and Sadatoshi Maeda 

New Clinical Applications of 3-D Printed Polycaprolactone/Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Scaffold as an Alternative to Allograft Bone For Limb-Sparing Surgery in a Dog With Distal Radial Osteosarcoma (2019)

Choi S., Oh Y.I., Park K.H., Lee J.S., Shim J.H., and Kang BJ. 

3D Printing-Based Reconstruction of a Maxillary Bone Defect in a Dog Following Tumor Removal (2018)

Se Eun Kim, Kyung Mi Shim, Kwangsik Jang, Jin-Hyung Shim, and Seong Soo Kang 

The Application of 3-Dimensional Printing for Preoperative Planning Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Dogs and Cats (2017)

Jenna N. Winer, Frank J.M. Verstraete, and Derek D. Cissell

Three-Dimensional Printing Role in Neurologic Disease (2017)

Adrien-Maxence Hespel

Complex Angular and Torsional Deformities (Distal Femur Malocclusions) Preoperative Planning Using Stereolithography and Surgical Correction With Locking Plate Fixation in Four Dogs (2016)

Micheal D. DeTora and Randy J. Boudrieau 

Repair of Segmental Radial Defects in Dogs Using Tailor-Made Titanium Mesh Cages with Plates Combined with Calcium Phosphate Granules and Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor-Binding Ion Complex Gel (2016)

Honnami M., Choi S., Liu I., Kamimura W., Taguchi T, Ichimura M., Urushisaki Y., Hojo H., Shimohata N., Ohba S., Amaya K., Koyama H., Nishimura R., Chung U., Sasaki N. and Mochizuki M.

Three-Dimensional Printing of Orbital and Peri-Orbital Masses in Three Dogs and its Potential Applications in Veterinary Ophthalmology (2016)

Daniel M. Dorbandt, Stephen K. Joslyn, and Ralph E. Hamor

Applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing in Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery (2015)

Ola L.A. Harrysson, Denis J. Marcellin-Little, and Timothy J. Horn

Regenerative Approach to Bilateral Rostral Mandibular Reconstruction in Case Series of Dogs (2015)

Boaz Arzi, Derek D. Cissell, Rachel E. Pollard, and Frank J.M. Verstraete

Application of a 3D printed customized implant for canine cruciate ligament treatment by tibial tuberosity advancement (2014)

Miguel Castilho, Marta Dias, Elke Vorndran, Uwe Gbureck, Paulo Fernandes, Inês Pires, Barbara Gouveia, Henrique Armés, Eduardo Pires and Jorge Rodrigues 

Rapid Prototyping to Design a Customized Locking Plate for Pancarpal Arthrodesis in a Giant Breed Dog (2013)

Petazzoni M. and Nicetto T.

In Vitro Evaluation of Free-Form Biodegradable Bone Plates For Fixation of Distal Femoral Physeal Fractures in Dogs (2010)

Denis J. Marcellin-Little, Brian J. Sutherland, Ola L. A. Harrysson, and Erica S. Lee 

Rapid prototyping and inclined plan technique in the treatment of maxillofacial malformations in a fox (2010)

Carlos H.S. Villela, and Seizo Yamashita 


Development of Customized 3D Printed Biodegradable Projectile for Administering Extended-Release Contraceptive to Wildlife (2018)

Jungjunjiao Long, Ashveen V. Nand, Sudip Ray, Sam Mayhew, David White, Craig R. Bunt, and Ali Seyfoddin  



Use of Three-Dimensional Printing Models for Veterinary Medical Education: Impact on Learning How to Identify Canine Vertebral Fractures (2018)

Anna Suñol, Vincente Aige, Carles Morales, Marta López-Beltran, Alejandro Luján Feliu-Pascual, and Jordi Puig.

Design and Validation of a 3D Printed Flexible Canine Otoscopy Teaching Model (2017)

Belle Marie D. Nibblett, Mary Mauldin Pereira, Fortune Sithole, Paul A.D. Orchard, and Eric B. Bauman

Production of Accurate Skeletal Models of Domestic Animals Using 3D Scanning and Printing Technology (2017)

Fangzheng Li, Chunying Liu, Xuexiong Song, Yanjun Huan, Shansong Gao, and  Zhongling Jiang 

Designing 3D in Vitro Oviduct Culture Systems to Study Mammalian Fertilization and Embryo Production (2016)

Marcia A. M. M. Ferraz, Heiko H. W. Henning, Tom A. E. Stout, Peter L. A. M. Vos, and Bart M. Gadella 

Thinking Outside of the Box: The Potential of 3D Printing in Veterinary Medicine (2016)

Diedre M. Quinn-Gorham and Javred Kahn M.